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Custom Charts

The Custom Charts page will allow you to design your own charts to be viewed and printed. (Custom charts are company-specific.)

Adding a New Custom Chart
To add a new chart, press the corresponding Add button located above the chart list. A new line entitled, "New Chart" will appear in the list and will be selected. On the right, the corresponding chart definition will be displayed.

A unique name for the chart. It must be different than your other charts.

The title that you want displayed at the top of the chart.

Categories to Chart
The categories that you would like to show on the chart. Use the pull-down to first select the category. Then, press the Add button (to the right) to add it to the list. The Delete button may be used to removed categories from the list.

The type of chart.

Chart by Category ...
You can "explode" a category to show all of the different descriptions that have been specified for a category, or you can show the category as a whole.

Saving the Chart
Please do not forget to press the Save button to save your chart definition.

Showing the Chart
Press the Show Chart button to view your chart. All charts are viewed on the Charts page. Use the controls and date ranges at the top of the Charts page to control the chart. (Charts are automatically saved when the Show Chart button is pressed.)

Like the predefined charts, your custom charts may be printed.