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The Charts page contains some predefined charts for graphing your data. (Only data for the current company will be charted.)

Page Layout
Every chart that you wish to display must be limited to a date range. Use the two calendars to specify the range desired. By default, these calendars will be set to the current year.

Monthly / Yearly
Line and bar charts may be displayed in a month-by-month or year-by-year basis. This option does not have any effect on pie charts.

Show Values / Hide Values
Data value labels may be displayed for the points or pie segments of the chart. For pie charts, a percentage will always be displayed.

3D / Flat
Charts may be displayed either three-dimensionally or two-dimensionally.

Pie Rotation
For pie charts, use the corresponding arrows to rotate the pie to the desired vantage point. (This is helpful for when value labels overlap each other.)

Predefined Charts Available
Overall Income & Expenses
This is a line graph to illustrate income as a whole and expenses as a whole.

Overall Profit / Loss
This is a bar chart to illustrate overall profit and losses. Profits are illustrated in green; losses are illustrated in red.

Income Pie by Category
This is a pie chart to illustrate the breakdown of total income by category.

Expense Pie by Category
This is a pie chart to illustrate the breakdown of total expenses by category.

The "by Category" charts may be changed to "by Memo" charts by checking the "by Memo" box that is located above the charts buttons. ("by Memo" means by Category, Description, and Memo)

Printing Charts
Any chart may be printed on any type of printer. Charts will be printed to span the entire page. Charts may printed in either a portrait or a landscape fashion.