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Invoicing is an optional add-on module that will allow you to enter create and track invoices for your customers. Invoices look professional and may include your company's logo.

If you need to add this module to your software license, please visit to begin the process.

Screen Layout
You may invoice anything you want. Invoice numbers are automatically generated by the program. (You may start at a specific number and will be asked for this number when you add your first invoice.)

Select what type of invoices you wish to see: not paid, paid, or both. Whenever you change the criteria to display, the grid will automatically be updated to reflect your choice.

The grid will display in reverse invoice number order, which makes the most current invoice listed first. Double click on any line to go directly to that invoice's information. When you exit the invoice, the invoice data grid will be refreshed.

Whatever data is on the screen may be printed using the reporting buttons at the top of the screen. This will run the Invoice Receivables Report. will view the report, will print the report, and will email the report. If desired, you may limit this report to the customer that is currently selected in the grid.

Add a new invoice using the button. When you create your first invoice, the program will ask you what invoice number you wish to start with. Invoices will be numbered from there. You will be taken to the Invoice Edit Screen.

To edit an invoice in the grid, double click on it or single click on it and then click the button. You will be taken to the Invoice Edit Screen.

To delete an invoice, click on it in the grid and then click the button. (Any payments made to this invoice will not be deleted. If you want the payment(s) deleted, then you will need go to the Detail Entries: Record Page

(Each company will have its own invoice numbering.)