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Global Document Link Change

This will allow you to change the links of many documents at once, rather than edit them one by one. You may either completely replace the document link or you may replace what a document link begins with.

All of your document links are retrieved and placed into the three grids on the screen. The "Drives" grid will contain all of the drive letters referenced. The "Paths" grid will contain all directories and subdirectories referenced. The "Links" grid will contain all of the document links found (in their entirety).

How To Change
Select (via double click) the item from any of the three grids that you wish to change. The text of that item will appear in the "Change From" field at the bottom of the screen. You may also simply type in the text you wish to change.

The "Starts With" box, if checked, indicates that you wish to replace all occurences of document links that begin with the "Change From" text. This will only replace the portion of the each document link that matches. If this box is not checked, the entire document link will be replaced.

Fill in the "Change To" field with the new text. If left blank, the resulting text will be deleted.

Click the Make Change button to proceed. You will need to confirm the change. After the change has been completed, the grids will be refreshed with the new document link information and a tally of the changes made will be displayed.

Example One
You want to move all of your documents from your c:\my documents\ folder to the different drive and folder, m:\documents\john doe\. The fields would be filled out as follows:

Change From: c:\my documents\
Starts With: Checked
Change To: m:\documents\john doe\

The document names within the folder would not be affected. Just the path to the documents would be changed.

Example Two
You changed the name of a document from c:\my documents\abcd.doc to c:\my documents\fishtank.doc. The fields would be filled out as follows:

Change From: c:\my documents\abcd.doc
Starts With: Not checked
Change To: c:\my documents\fishtank.doc

All references to c:\my documents\abcd.doc will be changed to c:\my documents\fishtank.doc in their entirety.