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This is accessed through the pull-down menu at the top of the main screen.

Defaults Page
Automatically Add Unknown Descriptions to Look-Ups tells the program that when a description has been entered on the Records page that is not known to the Category, it will or will not be added to the category's look-up list. By default, this is Yes.

Require Logon Password will protect your data from other users. To use this feature, set the field to Yes, type in a Logon Password, and press Set Password. Passwords may be up to eight characters and are case sensitive. Should you forget your password, there is a link on the logon window which will send encrypted information to Support. Please fill in your name and phone number for faster service. If the information specified in the email does not match registration records at Support, then you will need to explain to Support who you are and why you need access. It will be up to Support's discretion to tell you the access password in this situation.

Look For Updates Every 90 Days? tells the program to automatically check the website for updates every 90 days. By default, this is Yes. The automatic check is performed at program start.

For new adds, default to tax year: tells the program to set the tax year to the value entered on new entries only.

Income / Expense Default Sort Order tells the program, on start up, how to sort the income and expense grids on the Records page.

For new xxxxx adds, default "How Paid?" tells the program to set the "How Paid?" box to the value selected on new entries only.

Going to Website Shows Category Lookup Logon ID and Password tells the program to display the Category Look-Up screen when going to a website. This allows you to copy the logon id and password fields for pasting into the website logon fields. It also allows you to update the logon and password information on the Category Look-Up screen, if necessary.

E-Mail Page
The fields on this page are identical to the information that is needed to set up a POP3 e-mail account. Fields denoted by a * are required for e-mail to be sent.

The Outgoing Mail Port traditionally is 25. However, there has been a trend to change this port to 587. If 25 does not work, try 587. Contact your e-mail provider if you need assistance finding out the information needed on this screen.

E-Mail settings are used to send reports as PDF attachments. 

Reports Page
The fields on this page are used in conjunction with reporting.

Colors Page
This is used to set the colors for the controls in the program. There are five grids on this page, which are used to drill down to the control's color. Once you have found the control for which you wish to change the color, click on the color and use the to drop down list to select the desired color. Once the color is selected from the list, it is automatically saved for you.

Each grid has a corresponding reset button. These buttons are used to reset the colors back to the original installation colors. When one of these buttons is used, all elements' colors for the corresponding grid row selected (that has the arrow in the left column) will be reset. In the case of the far right grid, only one color would be affected.

There is also an overall Reset All Colors button. This button will revert all colors back to the installed settings.