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The Search page is used to find income and expense items that have already been entered into the system. (Only the current company's records will be searched.)

Search Fields
You may search on any of the fields represented, or any combination thereof.

Date Range
Choose to search all records or limit to the date range represented by the two calendars. (The left on is the start date and the right one is the end date.)

Select the category from the list, or leave it blank to search all categories.

The description field provides look-ups, based on the category selected. If you leave the Category field blank, then you will need to manually type in the desired description. Leave this blank to search for all records, regardless of description.

Leave the amount fields at zero ($0.00) to search through all records, regardless of the amount.

Setting only the low amount will result in searching for records that EQUAL that amount.

Setting only the high amount will result in searching for records that are less than or equal to that amount.

Setting both amounts will result in search for records that are in the amount range specified, INCLUDING the amounts specified.

Press the Search button to perform the search. The results will be displayed in a grid at the bottom of the screen.

Press the Print button (located to the right of the results grid) to print the results.