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Revision History

Changes since version 1.00 (most recent is listed first):

Version 5.5400 (12/20/2015)
  • Changed date formats to use format specifed in defaults screen.

    Version 5.5300 (12/7/2015)
  • Fixed bug in recurring payments setup.

    Version 5.5200 (3/26/2015)
  • Fixed restore bug.

    Version 5.5100 (3/23/2015)
  • Fixed recurring payments bug.

    Version 5.5000 (2/13/2015)
  • Added fiscal year option.
  • Added recurring entries feature.
  • Fixed add category-on-the-fly bug.
  • Changed check for updates to look for new feature purchases.

    Version 5.4000 (12/31/2014)
  • Added ability to move a look-up to a different category.
  • Added Memo field to the Detail by Day report.
  • Added Detail by Category, Description, & Memo and Summary by Category, Description, & Memo reports.
  • Added ability to chart by Category, Description, & Memo.

    Version 5.3000 (10/08/2014)
  • Added invoice history.

    Version 5.2000 (08/08/2014)
  • Changed income and expense grids to allow multiple items to be deleted at a time.
  • Added defaults for How Paid for both new income and new expense entries.
  • Added document links for Category, Description, and Detail entries.
  • Added 5 more quick picks to the detail entry screen.
  • Changed FTP to use passive FTP.
  • Rewrote all reports and moved reports access to top menu. Added new reports as well.
  • Reports may now be emailed.
  • A data export is available on the new reports screen.
  • Added the optional invoicing module.
  • Changed add/edit detail entry to reposition grid to the entry.

    Version 5.1000 (04/04/2014)
  • Added buttons to copy income and expense entries.
  • New categories may now be created "on-the-fly" through the add/edit screen.
  • Altered "E & I Calendar At A Glance" to add a net calculation for each day that has entries. Also, made sure each day starts out scrolled to the top.
  • Made < > buttons larger on main screen and add/edit entry screen.
  • Changed backup to allow naming the backup file with a date and time.
  • Added the optional budgets module.

    Version 5.0002 (08/22/2013)
  • Raised bottom of grids to accommodate Windows 8.
  • Widened summarization of grids to include all columns in summary.

    Version 5.0001 (04/17/2013)
  • When adding a new company, you now may copy the categories and decriptions from another company.

    Version 5.0000 (08/01/2012)
  • Revised registration to assign a new, permanent registration number.

    Version 4.2200 (05/24/2012)
  • Changed "Look for Updates" to be smarter.

    Version 4.2100 (04/19/2012)
  • Fixed search to properly handle text with embedded single quotes ( ' ).
  • When adding income and expense entries, the month and year will default to the currently selected month and year.

    Version 4.2000 (03/04/2012)
  • Added e-mail option to registration.

    Version 4.1000 (01/12/2012)
  • Added PayPal option to registration.
  • Revised "Look for Updates" to download and apply update, without having to go to the website.
  • Fixed Charts to not include categories that are not included in totals
  • Changed input screen Day field to be a full date, allowing records to be moved into a different month/year.
  • Fixed account master renumber to include autopay records.
  • Added screen to review (and delete) account master lookup codes.

    Version 4.00 (04/07/2010)
  • Added account tracking.
  • Added overall year-to-date (YTD) calculations to the records page.

    Version 3.20 (01/20/2009)
  • Added ability to export and import a specific company's data from one installation of the software to another.
  • Added ability to export reports as PDF, HTML, RTF or TXT.
  • Added button in the month/year panel that will take you back to the current month/year.
  • Added "P" for PayPal as a payment type code.
  • Added right-click to web address in Automated Payments list.
  • Added ability to store logon id and password with a web address. This will not automatically log you onto a website, but it will provide buttons to copy your logon id and password to the Windows clipboard for pasting. Passwords are not displayed and they are encrypted in the database table.
  • Fixed the reports to not hard code the US "$" symbol. Tallies will now appear without any symbol. Detail lines will appear with whatever currency symbol is set for your PC.
  • Added ability to backup / restore from within the program.
  • Added ability to upload a backup to support.

    Version 3.10 (05/21/2008)
  • Made Vista-ready. Data is now stored in different folder.
  • Most of the colors on the screens may be changed.
  • Moved Defaults off of the main notebook and into its own screen.
  • The default sort income & expense grids' sort order may now be set.

    Version 3.00 (12/14/2007)
  • Changed database to Advantage from BDE. This makes the software compatible with Windows VISTA.
  • Modified the summation to ignore the "How Paid" code.
  • Revised "Look for updates" to be every 90 days. Automatic look may be overridden on Defaults page.
  • Rewrote all reports under a different report writer. Reports will now allow exporting as a PDF and other formats.
  • Detail entries will now be underlined if there is a corresponding website. (Website addresses are specified on the Categories page in the Corresponding Look-Ups grid. Double click on the grid item to edit.)
  • Added "OK / Add Another" button to entry screen to allow for multiple entries.
  • Added default tax year for new entries.

    Version 2.40 (05/14/2006)
  • Added category and description quick picks to assist in item input. The most recently used category and description will appear at the top of the quick pick lists.
  • Added "Y" button in item input to quickly choose yesterday as the day.
  • Smoothed out registration and added more registration features.

    Version 2.30 (01/03/2006)
  • Made screens more Windows XP friendly.
  • Added many more color choices for categories.
  • Added optional logon password.
  • You may now store a website address with a category look-up. This is done on the Categories page for the Corresponding Look-Ups grid. To add an address, double-click on the look-up, enter the address and press Ok. Once an address has been added, you may right-click on the detail entry on the Records page and select the address from the pop-up list.
  • Added "Tax Year" field to the detail records. This will allow you to tag any detail item for tax purposes. The tax year is what should be used. The detail and summary reports may be limited to a specific tax year. You may also search by Tax Year.
  • Added ability to delete (purge) old detail records. This feature may be found on the Defaults page. Please use extreme caution when using this feature.
  • Added new registration procedures.

    Version 2.20 (02/15/2005)
  • Multiple companies are now supported. Each company will have its own detail records, categories, look-ups, charts, debt service, reports, and automated payments.
  • Fixed bug that ignored the "Include In Tally" category switch for reports.
  • Added "T" buttons beside day of month spinners. The "T" button will set the day to "Today."
  • The grids and will resize to fill the Windows desktop.
  • Automated Payment grid will turn yellow for those entries that have not been posted and are 2 days or less past the indicated day. After 2 days, they will turn red.
  • Report subtitles have been added.
  • Reports may be landscape.
  • Search results will be displayed, showing the sum of the amounts, averages of the amounts, and total count of records found.
  • New fields have been added for "How Paid?," "How Paid Code," and "Memo."
  • Category names and look-up descriptions have been expanded to 30 characters from 20.
  • Grids that are sortable may now be sorted ascending or descending.
  • Double clicking on the search grid will bring up that record on the Records page.
  • The automatic adding of look-ups may now be turned off.
  • A calculator button has been added to the detail entry screen.

    Version 2.10 (02/24/2004)
  • Removed dollar signs ("$") from the reports, making it more international friendly.
  • Fixed bug when moving to a different month when in summary mode.
  • Added self-check routine that runs every 7-10 days.
  • Added automatic look for program updates.

    Version 2.00 (08/01/2003)
  • Added search features
  • Added calendar at a glance feature
  • Made registration easier
  • Fixed pop-up hints where missing

    Version 1.10 (03/21/2001)
  • Added annual Debt Service calculations.
  • Expanded monthly Income and Expense total fields.
  • Fixed chart calendars to always show 6 weeks.

    Version 1.02 (03/18/2001)
  • Added direct link to online registration site.

    Version 1.01 (02/12/2001)
  • Fixed monthly graphs that span a year-end boundary to display evenly, rather than "bunch up."
  • Added feature to reverse the sign on any income or expense detail entry.