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Thank you for using "Monthly Income & Expense Tracker!" 

(Press the F1 key for help from any page or screen.)

This program is designed to track your detailed monthly income and expenses.

  • Virtually unlimited number of income and expense entries may be tracked
  • Entries are tracked by categories YOU define
  • Supports multiple companies
  • Calendar At A Glance feature shows your income and expenses in a calendar display
  • Detail items may be sorted by day, category, description, and amount
  • Detail items may be quickly summarized by category
  • Detail items may be tagged for taxes
  • Detail items may be assigned to an account, such as a credit card, bank account, etc. Account reconciliation is included.
  • Quick pick description look-up lists within each category
  • Look-up lists are automatically updated for new descriptions
  • Data may be searched for like items
  • Automatic payments (or income) may be defined and tracked
  • Recurring income and expenses may be defined and tracked
  • All of your data may be charted (on-screen and printed) in line, bar, and pie charts
  • You can create your own charts!
  • Reports show your detailed and summarized entries
  • Optional budgets add-on module that will allow you to create budgets for your categories. Reports and pie charts included.
  • Optional invoicing add-on module that will allow you to create invoices for your customers.

    Unregistered versions of "Monthly Income & Expense Tracker" will allow you to input up to 30 income and expense entries. Registration information can be found in help topic How to Register.

    Folders Used
    The release of Microsoft Vista (and Windows 7) forces programs to store their data files separately from that of the programs. This program used to store all of its program and data files in the C:\Program Files\Monthly Income & Expense Tracker folder. Now, the folders used are based on the operating system installed. Here are the typical locations:

  • XP/Vista/7/8/8.1: C:\Program Files\ALMSysInc\MOIETracker or C:\Program Files (x86)\ALMSysInc\MOIETracker

    If you upgraded from an earlier version prior to 3.1, then the program folder will most likely be C:\Program Files\Monthly Income & Expense Tracker.

    This folder contains only the programs required to run Monthly Income & Expense Tracker. No data files are used from this folder.

    Data Files
    The location of the data files folder is stored in the programs folder in a file named "MoIEConnect.ini." Simply double click on the file to view its contents.
  • Vista/7/8/8.1: C:\ProgramData\ALMSysInc\MOIETracker
  • XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ALMSysInc\MOIETracker

    This folder contains all of the data files and any other file that is created or modified by the program.