Monthly Income & Expense Tracker

This is an optional module that will allow you to track budgets for the previously defined categories. Budgets are defined on a month-by-month basis, and each month may have a different budgeted amount. Zero amount budgets are accepted.

Budgets Main screen (click on the picture to enlarge). The main budgets screen consists of two grids: one for displaying annual information for the budgeted and unbudgeted categories, and one for displaying similar information for the month and for year to date (YTD). The left grid also controls the budget definitions, as shown below on the Budgets Detail Entry screen.

Budgets Detail Entry screen. Budgets are defined on a month-by-month basis. You may enter an annual amount and have the program split it up into equal, monthly portions. Or, you may simply enter the monthly amounts manually.

There are three reports available:

  1. Budget Summary (annual) (Click to view PDF)
  2. Budget Summary (for month shown) (Click to view PDF)
  3. Budget Details for Year (Click to view PDF)

Charts screen. Pie charts are also available. You define the charts you want to see, based on the calculated amount fields on the main budgets screen. The screen below is the chart definition for displaying the budgeted expenses (annual) as a percentage of budgeted income (annual).

Chart Definition screen. Any combination of amount fields may be used to define a pie chart. If the resulting pie segment amounts exceed that of the "as percentage of" amounts, then the chart cannot be displayed and you will get a message stating such. If the resulting pie segment amounts are less than the "as percentage of" amounts, then a special pie segment will be added to the chart that will display the amount needed to reach 100% of the pie.

How To Order the Budgets Module

All orders for the Budgets Module are done through the Costs screen. If you are a current registered user of the Monthly Income & Expense Tracker software, then you will need to make sure that you are on at least version 5.1000. Upgrades may be downloaded and applied from the Upgrade screen.